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BSA Scouts and Cub Scouts #147

Last year we welcomed our 147G Girls BSA Troop

– We now operate as a linked committee sharing leadership and experience across 147B and G
– Our families of parents & volunteers have come together to implement & supervise a complete BSA program of Advancement & Outdoor Activities
– We have active youth, involved leaders and a stable financial picture & budget

A big Thank You to Northampton Presbyterian Church for your continued support of our growing program!

Membership (as of Jan 1, 2024 Renewal)

– 41 Youth (Ages 11-17)
– 33 Boys (147B) & 8 Girls (147G)
– We are anticipating a large (15+?) crossover Cub Scout group this spring with a mix of boys & girls
– 2 aging out in May
– 7 members of Order of the Arrow
– We are not proactively recruiting as we believe we are best sized < 45-50 youth (focused on Cub Scout
crossover from 145 / 147 + word of mouth/friends)
– 27 Adults (Registered Volunteers & Leaders)
– 70 overall adults including parents
– 13 registered Troop Merit Badge Counselors to support key advancement needs

Community Service
Total Hours: 385

2023 Completed Eagle Projects
– Picnic benches and clean-up at Tyler State Park
– New banners at Holland Elementary

We have at least 3 projects planned/anticipated in 2024


• Troop & Individual Service Projects
– Memorial Day (at Washington Crossing National Cemetery)
– Flag Day (Northampton Township)
– Fall leaf clean-up (at NPC)
– National Wreaths across America (at Washington Crossing National Cemetery) and clean-up


39 Weekly Troop Meetings


Monthly Troop Campers

Battleship, NJ
Ockanickon / Rock climbing
Hawk Mtn / Appalachian Trail hike
Wetlands Institute NJ
Lehigh River cycling trail
White water rafting Lehigh River
Summer Camp @ Bashore (PA)
Resica Falls Waterfall hike
French Creek Orienteering
Gettysburg hike
Camp Roosevelt cabin

• Camping
– 17 nights of Troop camping
– 252 individual nights camping by youth
– 28 Boys / 7 Girls attended Camp Bashore summer camp in PA (most of the troop!) and earned Troop & Patrol Excellence awards

• High Adventure

– 2023 Seabase completed
Planning 2024 Northern Tier Canadian canoe adventure & 2025 Philmont (B) / Seabase (G)


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