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Christian Life Groups

Christian Life Groups are groups of 6-12 people who meet at 11:15 AM, after Sunday morning worship at the church.  The topic of discussion is centered around the reading and sermon from the worship service.  Christian Life Groups give the opportunity, while it is still fresh, to discuss, apply and even challenge the sermon.

Our hope is to increase biblical understanding by studying the text and subject on a deeper level with our church family. 

Family participation is encouraged, there are groups for those as young as 2 years old! 

New members and visitors are welcome at anytime, no registration prior to joining is required!

Our program runs mid September through early June.  


Meeting Jesus at the Table” 

Join us for CLG’s during Lent!

Christian Life Groups will meet in our traditional format on 2/5, 2/12 and 2/19. 

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 22.  From Feb. 26 through Apr. 2, CLG’s will engage in a Lenten study of Meeting Jesus at the Table by Cynthia M. Campbell and Christine Coy Fohr. This study of food insecurity and how churches can meet this need is described below: 

The Gospels are full of stories of Jesus sharing meals with disciples, friends, even tax collectors and Pharisees. Whether multiplying bread to feed a whole crowd, relaxing with his inner circle, or telling curious elites stories about even greater banquets, Jesus imparts wisdom as he shares the wine and grants forgiveness as he distributes the fish. This eight-chapter resource provides biblical insights along with thought-provoking queries regarding our own time, such as whom should we invite to Sunday dinner and who is left out and left behind in our culture today.

Preaching will coincide with the chapters each week. If you would like a copy, please email ( or call Melissa in the office. 



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