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Pastor Judy will be holding a new devotional group on Tuesday mornings during Advent (12/5, 12/12 & 12/19) at 7:00 AM at Calm Waters coffee shop on State Street in Newtown.  Please email Pastor Judy ( if you would like to attend.
An additional devotional group will still be held during the Adult Bible Study hour on the same Tuesdays at 11:30 AM in the Large Conference Room at church.

God came to meet us in the low places of our lives.

This Advent season, Pastor Judy will lead a time of reflection and discussion using Low, as described below, by author John Pavlovitz. The devotional is available in the office for $5. 

Amidst the bright lights and wrappings of a sentimentally saturated Christmas season, we tend to forget about the gritty, messy reality of the Advent story as it was experienced 2,000 years ago. In this honest Advent devotional, best-selling Christian author John Pavlovitz reminds us that God came to meet us in the low places of our lives -- and that Jesus continues to come low this Advent season. When we plant our feet firmly in the dirt of everyday life, we see Jesus meeting us in the low places: when we live humbly, when we seek forgiveness, in our grief and suffering, when we act on behalf of someone else, when we pray. As we walk the road of Advent, Jesus reminds us the invitation is not to escape this world to an elevated Heaven somewhere else, but to bring Heaven down. "God with us" is Jesus, getting low. Each devotional includes a scripture and Advent reflection on Jesus meeting us on the ground.





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