Stewardship Sunday is fast approaching on November 22nd!


As it has for the last several years, the church is asking all of us to do three things as we make our faith commitments:


(1) Listen to God and prayerfully consider what He is calling you to pledge;
(2) If not already doing so, take a step toward tithing; and
(3) Write it down, and make the commitment formal.


Please read the attached letter and prayerfully consider your support and commitment to NPC in 2021.


Write that commitment down using the attached Faith Commitment Card.



Then return it for dedication on Stewardship Sunday (options below):

- Print out the Faith Commitment Card and mail the top section to the church (539 Buck Road, Holland, PA 18966) to be received by November 20th.
- Or email your Faith Commitment using the form below, to (to be printed by the office - by November 20th - and placed with the other commitments on November 22nd) .



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


Emailed Faith Commitment Card Form:







By faith, as God enables me, I will –

• Pray regularly for the ministry of Northampton Presbyterian Church.
• Attend worship services and seek to interest others in attending with me.
• Be available to follow God’s leading in working in and through my church.
• Give to support the work of the Lord in 2021:


To Current Expenses: $


To Mission: $


Total: $

Please indicate how you plan to give the amount above:


per week
per month
per year

539 Buck Road, Holland, PA 18966

(215) 357-8282

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