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Dear Friends,

When was the last time you felt like a perfect stranger in church? On Sunday, May 22nd, you will have that opportunity, because there will be no worship service at NPC that day! Together with our Session, Pastor Judy is inviting all of us NOT to come to church that morning, but to be “perfect strangers” at a church of our choosing.

We are encouraging each of you to visit another church that day and to use the enclosed “survey” to guide your experience. You may opt to “attend” virtually or in person using the appropriate survey, and to return your survey to our Inreach/Outreach Committee along with any printed materials you receive, such as bulletins, pamphlets, etc. The Committee will compile the results and forward them to Session with suggestions for making ours a more welcoming church, even for the “perfect strangers” that pay us a visit!


The choice of a church to visit is entirely yours. You may feel like making a day out of it and taking a Sunday drive to another town. You may want to experience being with another denomination. You may wish to experience worship with another Presbyterian congregation. Or you may decide to investigate other livestreamed worship services. The goal is to discover what makes for a welcoming church, whether in person or online. Why not make the most of the opportunity?


Of course, we want you back here at NPC to tell us what you liked (or not) about being in another worship space, and what we might think about doing here. So we will see you in worship again on Sunday, May 29th (Memorial Day weekend) at our usual time of 10 AM.


For answers to any questions you may have, please contact Dana Winslow at, or Kathy Hurwitz at

They will be happy to assist.


Have a blessed Sunday!
See you back in our sanctuary on May 29th!

Pastor Judy

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