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Minute for Mission

International Children’s Aid Foundation

Week of  January 12, 2020

Some of our NPC Mission envelope offerings have been designated to help support International Children’s Aid Foundation (ICAF). The below is from their website (casaemanuelhome.org).


Mission Statement: ICAF is a non-denominational humanitarian organization founded by Christians committed to providing for the health, education, and development of abandoned and orphaned children through the operation of a Christian inspired family-group home known as Casa Emanuel Home (CEH) in Crișcior, Romania.


When ICAF was incorporated in 1997, the desire was to share the love of Christ with some of Romania’s most vulnerable people, orphans. This continues to be the vision of ICAF as it remains committed to investing in the lives of children in the Hunedoara region of Romania through CEH.


CEH is a large private residence located in the town of Crișcior where the staff provides a place for children to call home. Currently we have the ability to care for up to 25 children at a time. Children range in ages from 3 to high school graduation, which typically is at age 19. The caregivers intentionally foster a family environment, encouraging the children to help with chores, care for one another, and excel in school.


CEH is committed to caring for the whole person – physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional – for the whole of the child’s life. After high school graduation, this includes assistance with job apprenticeships, higher education, and setting up the child’s first apartment. The staff of CEH are dedicated to helping our children succeed in life.