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Covid Update


Dear NPC Members and Friends –


I am thankful we were able to gather in-person for many of our planned events during Advent and through Christmas Eve.  To our knowledge, the safety protocols we followed during that time enabled us to gather without these gatherings being events that spread illness.  However, media accounts indicate that there are more new Covid cases in our country now than at any previous point in the pandemic.  Several church members have tested positive in recent days and others have Covid-like symptoms and have not yet gotten test results.  To my knowledge, none of these recently-infected folks have yet needed to be hospitalized, for which I am thankful.  This highly-communicable virus is prevalent throughout the community – please function in ways that take appropriate precautions.

Our Church Administration Committee and the God’s Window Preschool Board met with me yesterday and we have implemented some short-term changes in our safety protocols as a congregation:


•    As you are aware, this Sunday, January 2, worship will be livestreamed-only, on our FB page. We will reassess to determine the possible extension of online-only worship into the month of January. 

•    God’s Window Preschool, which was scheduled to be back in person next Monday, will delay reopening by one week after a period when families had more contacts during the holidays. The current reopening date is scheduled for January 10 and Monica has notified all parents and staff. 

•    Councils, committees, music groups, and outside groups that meet in NPC facilities are instructed to meet virtually instead of in-person at least through the first week of January.  Staff who can work remotely are asked to do so during this same time period.         


There are many factors we have taken into consideration in setting these temporary safety protocols.  We will be closely monitoring conditions and we hope we can move back toward in-person gatherings soon.  


If you become aware of NPC members who are Covid-positive, please let me know so we can seek to be of support to them and their family members.  With prayers for all who are sick and for those who are taking care of them.

- Pastor Judy Dwyer

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