We Are Open!

Subject: COVID-19 and Delta variant update


Update (Aug. 4, 2021): Session continues to monitor the current situation with COVID-19 and the spread of the new Delta variant. While we are not yet mandating masks for vaccinated attendees, we encourage you to evaluate your own specific circumstances, and to wear a mask if your particular situation warrants and/or if you feel more comfortable doing so. If you are not vaccinated, we continue to require you to wear a mask while inside the church, consistent with Federal, state, and county recommendations.


Thank you for your cooperation!




June 16, 2021


Dear Friends:


At their regularly scheduled meeting last night, Session decided to fully open Northampton Presbyterian Church, and to restore its life to something akin to our old “normal”.  We will continue to ask those who have not been vaccinated to wear masks, and for those for whom wearing masks are essential to their own sense of safety to continue to do so. 


But with the aim of keeping past habits of summer programming, and with an eye to returning to the full range of programming following Labor Day, Session is inviting everyone to come back home.  Let us all make plans to return together fully into the life of faith here at NPC. 


Summer worship is open at 10:00 AM, complete with coffee time afterwards.  CLG will return the Sunday following Labor Day. 


We invite all our groups to plan to reactivate after Labor Day as well.  In fact, if you are a member of a circle or some other group that would like to get a head start on gathering together, please contact the office to schedule and reclaim your meeting times and days now!  You needn’t wait until the Fall. 


Friends, we have waited for a long time for this moment; it is upon us now.  Come on back; the familiar faces of your Christian sisters and brothers await your return.


Blessings, to all.


In Jesus’ Name,