Mission At The Eastward

During one week in July we send a team from our congregation to participate in a housing ministry in rural Maine. We build and repair homes for those who cannot physically or financially do so for themselves.

Our team stays in a dormitory at the University of Maine.  Every day we walk about two blocks to a church were we hold daily services, eat our meals, pack our lunches and meet with the MATE coordinator to scope out our assignments and put in requests for materials.

We have always prided ourselves on getting the job done and doing it right. It is also not unusual for our team to do a bit more. As an example, one year we were asked to paint a deck and ramp for an elderly couple. The crew chief saw that the deck also required some repair. We brought in one of our carpenter crews to make the necessary repairs before painting. If we can, we will try to do that little extra.

The MATE Team works hard during the day and enjoys our time with each other in the evening, either in the dorm lounge or at Gifford’s with some Maine ice cream.

This is also not just about those sent. This is a team effort. You who stay behind send us with your prayers, good wishes and the financial support we need. We are all part of this effort!

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